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And Yitzchak said to Avraham, his father, father where is the lamb for the sacrifice? (22:7)

Avraham Avinu reached the pinnacle of avodas Hashem, service of Hashem, during the Akeidas Yitzchak. He was asked to act upon his boundless love for Hashem by demonstrating his willingness to offer his beloved son Yitzchak as a sacrifice. The enthusiasm, zeal, and love which Avraham demonstrated throughout this endeavor continue to serve as an eternal merit for his children until this day. The Midrash portrays Yitzchak as a partner equal to his father throughout this major trial fully aware of what was transpiring. The Midrash relates that the Satan cleverly attempted to lure the pair into failure in their…

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And it was after these words and Hashem tested Avraham (22:1)

Rashi cites the Talmud in Sanhedrin 89b which explains that these words apply to the “words” of the Satan. The Satan attempted to condemn Avraham for not offering a sacrifice to Hashem during the plentiful banquet he had arranged in honor of Yitzchak. Hashem responded to the Satan, “Even if I had told him to sacrifice his own son, he would do it! Did he not make the whole banquet in honor of his son?” Hashem immediately commanded Avraham to perform the Akeidah. The fact that Avraham did not offer any form of sacrifice seems puzzling. While he had the…

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“And Hashem tested Avraham.” (22:1)

Chazal state that this was the tenth time that Hashem tested Avraham Avinu’s devotion. The first nine tests were only preparations for the Akeidah, the ultimate test of faith. Horav Nissan Alpert, z.l., offers two insights regarding the Akeidah which shed light on this incident and its ramifications for the future of our People. Throughout Avraham’s previous tests, he clearly displayed his tenacious devotion and utter loyalty to Hashem’s imperative. Indeed, in Uhr Kasdim he was prepared to die for his belief. At the Akeidah, however, he indicated his willingness to give up all that he possessed for Hashem. All…

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