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“You are children of Hashem your G-d.” (14:1)

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 Rabbi Yaakov Neiman Zt”l states that this posuk should serve as a blueprint for every educator as he charts his path towards desseminating Torah values to Jewish children. For, just as every Jew should be aware that “I place Hashem constantly before me”, so too, should every educator reflect that he is instructing Hashem’s children. This awareness will enable him to maintain his patience and attention while transmitting Torah to Hashems’s children. Often we are lacking the compassion neccessary to transmit Torah values. Despite various differences among children in ability, aptitude, skill, and desire, their potential can be realized if the educator will view them all as Hashem’s children. Another lesson from this posuk is that on occasion, an educator may become “turned off” by a student’s parents, with their various attitudes, and philosophies. This could affect the teachers’ relationship with his student, causing him to become self-conscious, ill at ease, and possibly even resentful of them. We are admonished to be conscious of the children’s “other-parent” – namely Hashem, who has mandated His charge towards all Torah educators to view all children as children of the Almighty.

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