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“In the vicinity of Paran, Tofel, Lavan, Chatzeros and Di Zahav.” (1:1)

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Rashi explains that Moshe rebuked them for not gaining insight from the punishment which befell Miriam in Chatzeiros for speaking slanderously against Moshe. The Maharal Zt”l questions Rashi’s statement, since this rebuke regarding the spies slandering of Eretz Yisroel is derived from the word “Paran”, which connotes the sin of the spies. He responds that Moshe wanted to emphasize another sin to be attributed to the spies – not taking note of what happened to Miriam and reflecting on the evils of a slanderous tongue. According to the Maharal we learn of two sins for which the spies were held accountable. First, their slander against Hashem and Eretz Yisroel, and second they didn’t learn the evils of loshon harah from Miriam’s punishment. The Maharal teaches us that when one repeats a transgression for which he was previously punished, then he is doubly faulted. In addition to his being penalized for his basic transgression, he is also liable for not taking heed of the previous punishment meted out for this offense.

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