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“And He brought her to the man.” (2:22)

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This is the underlying concept of shidduchim, marriage matchmaking – Hashem brings the couple together. It is only the unperceptive who think otherwise. Anyone whose vision is not blurred by secular-induced myopia is acutely aware of the Yad Hashem, Hand of G-d, in this misunderstood area of Jewish life. Horav Yitzchak Zilberstein, Shlita, tells the story of a young man, a talmid chacham and yarei shomayim, Torah scholar and G-d-fearing, who was having a difficult time finding his “bashert,” intended mate. He decided to go to Eretz Yisrael to implore the neshamos, souls, of the tzaddikim, righteous, virtuous Jews who are buried there to entreat Hashem on his behalf.

He decided one day to go to the kever, gravesite, of Horav Aharon z.l., m’Belz, situated on Har HaMenuchos. The wind, which was gusting with unusual force, blew his hat off. As he ran to retrieve it, he noticed many of the “kvitlach,” notes, left by other Jews to entreat the neshamah’s intercession, had also blown away. It “happened” that one kvitel landed right next to his hat. When he picked up his hat, he also took the kvitel, figuring that he would return it to the kever. While he knew it was improper to look at its contents, he was overcome with curiosity when he just happened to see some of the emotion-filled words. He read the prayer of a young woman asking the holy neshamah to intercede on her behalf to find her right mate. The young man was so moved by her entreaty that he asked his parents to negotiate a shidduch between himself and this young woman. With siyata di’Shmaya, Divine assistance, the shidduch was arranged to everyone’s joy, and the young man and his bashert were married.

While this is a beautiful and poignant story which demonstrates the Divine Hand directly guiding events, it is equally important to always remember that this is true of all shidduchim. We just have to open up our eyes and see.

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