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“Take a census of the Bnei Gershon, as well.” (4:22)

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Part of Bnei Gershon’s responsibility was to participate in the musical accompaniment of some of the Korbanos Tzibur, communal offerings, a duty that in the Talmud Arachin 11a, Chazal characterize as labor. Horav Moshe Feinstein, z.l., explains the significance of “gam heim”, also them, or, as well, as the Torah’s way of demonstrating to us that no difference existed between the work performed by Bnei Kehas, who carried the Aron HaKodesh, and the work of Bnei Gershon, who were seemingly not involved in such a holy endeavor. Exactly what one does is not significant, it is how and why one performs Hashem’s command. They were all carrying out Hashem’s will.

The same idea, says Rav Moshe, applies to the area of Torah chinuch, education. There is no difference between the Rosh HaYeshiva who lectures to erudite young laymen and the rebbe who teaches young children. If they act l’shem Shomayim, for the sake of Heaven, if they view their work as carrying out Hashem’s will to disseminate Torah, they are both equally praiseworthy. Perhaps if more prospective educators would keep this idea in mind, Torah chinuch would build a new image.

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