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“Every wise-hearted person among you shall come and make everything that Hashem commanded.” (35:10)

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Why did Moshe Rabbeinu not simply say, “All of the wise- hearted among you shall come and construct the Mishkan? Would it not have been more correct to identify what they were doing, building the Mishkan, rather than just telling them to follow Hashem’s command? Horav Moshe Feinstein, z.l., makes a profound inference. Man only builds the structure, Hashem actually makes it into a Mishkan/Mikdash when His Shechinah reposes there. All we can do is follow Hashem’s dictate, adhering to His command and instruction. Only then can we aspire for the Shechinah to rest there, thereby transforming this edifice into a Mishkan. Any davar shebikedushah, holy endeavor, is consecrated by Hashem after we put forth the proper and correct kavanos, intentions. By extension, this applies to any holy edifice. The building becomes holy when Hashem sanctifies it on a level commensurate with our ability to act in the manner which He commanded us. It is a two-way street; we must first do our part.

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