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“From the hewer of your wood to the drawer of your water.” (29:10)

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The Torah names two mundane professions in order to demonstrate the inclusion of all people in the Covenant.  One would wonder why, in attempting to describe the all-embracing nature of the Covenant, the Torah chooses two professions that are remarkably similar in nature.  Should the comparison not have been from something great to something small — or from something near to something far ?  Horav S.R. Hirsch, z.l., explains that in the Jewish perspective one looks at the world as a circle.  Consequently, we take two objects that are of similar nature and say: From this one on the right, we proceed completely around in a circle until we reach this one on the left. When one views an entire nation, he views it as a circle and not as a pyramid. Thus, the beggar can be in front of the king or right behind him. Two people of similar station in life who are near to one another, such as the wood cutter and water drawer, can indeed represent the entire nation!

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