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“The heads of your tribes, your elders, and your officers… your small children, your wives….” (29:9,10)

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Horav Tzvi Hirsch Ferber, z.l., infers from this pasuk the importance of each individual fulfilling his potential commensurate with his station in life.  He cites Rav Chaim Volozhiner, z.l., who interprets the tefillah of Rosh Ha’Shanah, – “u,sepu aht vagn”w  lhbpk tc rumhv kf rfz hf“For when the remembrance of everything fashioned comes before You: everyone’s deeds and mission,” in the following manner: Everyone has a specific position in life. An individual may have a profession with a leadership role, a position in the field of education, a role as a parent or grandparent raising children, or simply the task of functioning to the maximum of his potential.

We are all judged according to our station: Did we realize our capabilities ? Did we exercise our responsibility as parents in the correct manner ?  Did we do what is best for our children, or did we raise them according to what was best for ourselves ? Were we good teachers, fulfilling our mandate to educate Jewish children ?  Did we always do what is right for the student, or did we defer to outside pressure ?

Leadership is a realm of activity which, by its very nature, is extremely demanding. When one is charged with dealing with many individuals and groups, possibly from disparate backgrounds, one is vulnerable to making errors in judgment and being overwhelmed by frustration. The relationship between husband and wife is an example of a situation in which people frequently forget that they are on a mission — to act as a proper spouse. Being sensitive to the needs of one another is more than sound advice; it defines a successful relationship and the fulfillment of a G-d-given mandate.

In summation, we are placed in this world as individuals who, during the course of time, assume various positions. Regardless of their significance, or lack thereof, we are held accountable for our realization of the goals relevant to the station in life which we have assumed.

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