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“And Hashem saw and spurned (them), because of the provoking of His sons and daughters.” (32:19 )

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In the straightforward interpretation of this pasuk, Hashem is angered by the evil acts of His children. Horav Nissan Alpert Z”l renders a homiletic interpretation which offers a profound insight into human nature. He applies the word “anger” to the sons and daughters, rather than attributing it to Hashem. The pasuk is consequently read in the following manner: Hashem spurned them because of the anger exhibited by His sons and daughters. Consider the impudence of Am Yisrael that they would demonstrate the arrogance to be “angry” at Hashem for not acceding to their selfishness and corruptness. How often do we aggravate matters by complaining virulently when our evil desires are not granted or by bitterly objecting when we ultimately receive our “due” retribution? If one chooses to live a life completely antithetical to Torah values, he should be prepared to accept the consequences which result from this decision.

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