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“(These words) shall be a sign on your arm and frontlets between your eyes.” (13:16)

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The tefillin shel yad, which are worn on the arm are different from the tefillin shel rosh, which are worn on the head. The one worn on the arm is composed of one compartment, while its counterpart is comprised of four compartments. The Techias Yisrael infers a valuable lesson from this distinction. The tefillin of the head represents the theoretical and hypothetical, while the tefillin of the arm symbolizes action and accomplishment. As long as we are addressing the theoretical, there can be more than one point of view. This is signified by the multiplicity of compartments in the tefillin of the head. When we are about to take action, however, everyone must meld together their opinions and sentiments so that the undertaking will have a solid base of support.  When a decision has been made to embark on a specific endeavor, it is a bitter situation when individual opinions continue to collide. The success of any undertaking is insured by the whole-hearted endorsement and continued support of all  those involved in making the decision.

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