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“Summon Yehoshua and both of you shall stand in the Ohel Mo’ed and I shall instruct him.” (31:14)

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We may note that up until this point whenever Moshe had been called upon to designate Yehoshua as his successor, he had given him orders to execute. In this instance, however, in the final moments as the mantle of leadership was actually transferred, we find that Hashem is the One Who issues Yehoshua’s charge.

Horav Elie Munk, z.l., comments that although Moshe would no longer be directly involved in transmitting the Torah to Yehoshua, his student, he would nevertheless still remain a powerful influence upon him and all future leaders of Klal Yisrael. He cites the Zohar that makes a noteworthy observation: When the sun is setting, its light appears to wane. Yet, it continues to be the very source of light which enables people to see the moon.  Likewise, Moshe, the Rabbon Shel Kol Yisrael, quintessential teacher of our entire people, continues to illuminate the teachings of every teacher and leader who fills his place and assumes command over our people. The face of the “Yehoshuas” of each generation shines through the influence of the Rebbe of our people.

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