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“It was a night of watching unto Hasehm, for bringing them out of Egypt.”(12:42)

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The events preceding and including that fateful night are indelibly engraved in the hearts and minds of the Jewish people. The Ten Plagues were the equivilant of ten seminars of instruction in the recognition of the true G-d and the election of Am Yisrael as His people. At each plague, the Jewish people were elevated to new heights of awareness of these two foundamental beliefs. After the tenth lesson they had attained such understanding that Hashem considered them ready to go forward towards the ultimate rendezvous at Mt. Sinai. These experiences will remain with us as ultimate lessons for all time. The passing-over of the Jewish homes should serve as a portent of the process of history: the destruction of “Time” was to overwhelm nation after nation, while Am Yisrael with its eternal faith in Hashem would survive and endure.

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