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“And you shall make two Keruvim of gold.” (25:18)

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Rashi explains that the Keruvim’s face had the form of a child’s face. We must endeavor to understand the rationale for selecting the face of a child from among the myriads of Hashem’s creations as the basis of the Keruvim. Rabbi Meir Rubman Z”l suggests that a child symbolizes an individual who strives to learn, one who does not yet feel accomplished, one who is always willing to listen, reflect, and accept guidance. He cites the Baal Haturim who states that the pasuk (Hoshea 11:1) “For Yisrael is a youth and I love him,” alludes to the Keruvim. Hashem knows that Am Yisrael is like a “youth”. Therefore, He loves us. When a youth transgresses, he is forgiven with the hope that as he matures he will be able to accept rebuke and will develop increased sensitivity.


Willingness to learn and accept direction is one of the necessary qualities of a Ben Torah. This concept may be noted from the Hebrew term used to describe a Torah scholar “talmid chacham” a student of Torah wisdom. He distinguishes himself in his desire to continue learning, seeking to acquire greater knowledge of the Torah. A talmid chacham is one who has an overwhelming desire to involve his whole being in Torah scholarship. Perhaps this is why Yehoshua was chosen to assume the mantle of leadership over Bnei Yisrael. Although he was a grown man at the time, the Torah (Shemos 33:11) calls Yehoshua a “youth,” since he had the attitude of a youth towards studying, molded by his teacher par excellence, Moshe.

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