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“And you shall make holy garments for Aharon your brother, for splendor and for beauty.” (28:2)

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In his commentary on this posuk the Sforno states that “the Kohen shall be a teacher who will attract the respect of his disciples, their names, in turn, are engraved upon his heart and shoulders”. The Sforno is implying that the Kohen‘s position of leadership is consistent with his teaching relationship to the people. The special vestments lend dignity to his noble position, so that the populace, who are meant to be his disciples, will revere him. It is notable that the statement about the people as disciples refers to their names being engraved upon the hearts and shoulders of the Kohen Gadol, specifically the Choshen and shoulder pieces. This is the motivating factor for achieving the respect of the student. A student’s respect and love is often reciprocal and a response to the involvement shown to him by his teacher.

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