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“And you shall bring the bullock before the Ohel Moed, and Aharon and his sons shall support their hands on the head of the bullock.” (29:10)

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The animal which is sacrificed symbolizes the human body. Men must graciously acknowledge Hashem’s gift to them. As Hashem implored Avraham to offer his most beloved son to Him as a sacrifice, so, too, we symbolize our gratitude to Hashem for the gift of life, which our body receives. Our hands are placed upon the head of the animal to signify its substitution for our own head, for which we offer thanks. This demonstration takes place before the Ohel Moed which represents the dwelling place of Hashem, to whom we submit our service of thanksgiving.


With the slaughter of the offering, we proclaim that all belongs to Hashem, the great benefactor. We realize that our lives and our blood, as well as all of our organs, are but glorious gifts of Hashem’s beneficence. He gives us permission to exist and enjoy these gifts. Our life’s function is to be constantly cognizant that He is the giver and sustainer of all of our life functions. By sprinkling the blood and burning the organs and tissues on the altar, we indicate that everything is Hashem’s property. Indeed, we are living by virtue of the bodies and organs which He has lent us.

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