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“And that you shall tell in the ears of your son and your son’s son… that you should know that I am Hashem” (10:2)

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The end of this pasuk “and you should know” seems to be inconsistent with its beginning. The purpose of teaching about the exile and exodus to our children is that these fundamental experiences become an intgral part of our nation’s heritage. They will be employed as a vehicle to emphasize and imbue our children with faith in Hashem. Thus, it should have stated, “And they shall know.” Obviously, we may note that the lessons to be derived are not only for the children, but also for the parents. When these pivotal experiences are taught with an air of complacency and only related as part of the process of our historical development, then the objectives are not achieved. In order for this “course” to become a shared family experience the parents and teachers must also become the students. One attains “oc ,rcsu” (and you shall speak in them) only through “lhbck o,bbau” (and you shall teach it to your sons)

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