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“And Sorai said to Avrom, My wrong be upon you.” (16:5)

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Rashi explains that Sarai’s complaint was based upon the fact that Avraham had not prayed to Hashem on her behalf. It seems noteworthy that she felt this way. Sarai had made every imaginable attempt to conceive a child, but to no avail. She even took her maidservant into her home for Avraham, an attempt which was later copied by Rachel and Leah. She still felt that something was lacking, – her husband’s prayer! All attempts are of no apparent value unless they are accompanied by prayer. This is the most necessary ingredient for success and accomplishment. The material world consists of two types of elements: those which are necessary for human existence and those which are luxuries. This orientation is also relevant from a spiritual perspective. There are certain elements of spiritual devotion which are extremely necessary. One of these spiritual prerequisites is serving Hashem through prayer This is not merely a devotion which brings man closer to his Maker, but rather a compulsory mandate from Hashem to be fulfilled by man. Sarai realized that whatever attempts she had made towards having a child, the ultimate action that would decide her fate was the power of prayer.


Prayer which envelops the whole world has the power to solve every problem and fill every void. How important is it for us to reflect upon this fact, so that our supplications will be formulated appropriately.

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