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“And he (Yosef) fell on the neck of Binyamin his brother and cried, and Binyamin cried on his (Yosef’s) neck.” (45:14)

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Chazal note the word hrtum, neck(s), is written in the plural.  Did Binyamin have two necks? They explain that when Yosef and Binyamin met, the Ruach Ha’kodesh, Divine Inspiration, rested on both of them. This enabled Yosef to see the future destruction of the two Batei Mikdash in Binyamin’s portion. At the same time, Binyamin saw the destruction of the Mishkan in Shiloh, which was in Yosef’s portion.  Chazal’s basis for scrutinizing the pasuk seems questionable. The Torah also uses the plural for neck uhrtum in regard to Yosef. There was only one destruction in Yosef’s portion.  Why does the Torah use the plural in regard to Yosef?

We may suggest the following thought. Yosef and Binyamin did not simply mourn the destruction of these two edifices.  They lamented the transgressions which caused these tragedies. Although Chazal offer many reasons for the various destructions, they specify the prime catalysts for the destructions.  The first Bais Ha’Mikdash was destroyed as a result of avodah zarah, idol worship. The second one was taken from us due to sinaas chinam, unwarranted hatred among Jews. The Mishkan Shiloh, however, was destroyed as a result of two specific transgressions, immorality and the denigration of the holy sacrifices.  Consequently, Binyamim cried for the two aveiros, sins, which led to the downfall of Mishkan Shiloh.

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