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“And He will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear.” (28:20)

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Yaakov does not want much, only the bare necessities to render life possible. The Alter of Kelm Z”l questions Yaakov’s request. Was Yaakov not aware that Hashem provides every individual’s needs? The Rambam states clearly that Hashem does not allow anyone to go without his basic needs fulfilled. Why then was Yaakov insecure regarding his material sustenance? He suggests that herein lies a profound lesson. Upon leaving his father’s home, Yaakov was occupied with the changes about to take place in his spiritual surroundings. Until recently his father’s protective influence dominated his life. He was now entering a new world filled with cheating, sin, and immorality. He feared that the effect of his new environment, the pressures of his new vocation, and the daily relationship with people such as Lavan would have an adverse effect upon him. His request of Hashem was “I beg of Hashem that I should continue to realize that my constant source of sustenance is Hashem. He is the one that gives me my daily bread and clothing. Yaakov’s greatest fear was one that affects all of us, that we may forget the origin of all blessings. In the hustle and bustle of our daily routine, let us not forget that it is not our power and strength that is responsible for what we have, but that it is Hashem that provides us with everything that we have.

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