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“And Hashem said, the cry of Sodom and Amorrah is great, and their sin is exceedingly great.” (18:20)

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We should consider the extent of Sodom’s sins vis-a-vis the various other cities whose transgressions were also great. Indeed, the Baal Ha’Akeidah states that the famed sin of vgcdc adkp was far greater than those of Sodom, for in Sodom they allowed visitors to sleep in the street, while in Givhah even this was not permissible. There was however, a uniqueness to Sodom’s transgressions. Their immoral behavior originated from a depraved philosophy which later became a code of law. Their fear of having their lush, fertile land overrun with visitors caused them to legislate and enact the repulsive statutes for which Sodom became notorious.


When one sins as a result of a passing passion or as a result of a seduction by his yetzer hora (evil inclination), this transgression is usually a temporary violation. When one attempts to justify his disobedience, however, by developing a whole philosophic approach to his way of life, then this attitude becomes intolerable. The people of Sodom indicated no regret for their actions towards others. Hashem offers no compassion for one who exhibits neither remorse nor desire for repentance.

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