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“And Eisav despised the birthright.” (25:34)

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Whenever one studies this narrative, he will never cease to be amazed at Eisav’s apparent lack of sensitivity to anything of spiritual value. How does one sink so low as to exchange his prized inheritance for a mere bowl of lentil soup? Did Eisav completely lose his concept of spirituality?


Horav Yechezkel Levinstein Z”l notes that this is truly a case in which people follow a misguided perspective of life. How often do we measure success by the yardstick of prosperity, position, or social standing, while simultaneously belittling success in the field of Torah endeavor? How often do we exchange our children’s “birthright” for a glorified bowl of lentil soup? It is unfortunate that we are so amazed at Eisav’s actions, and at the same time as we are entirely complacent with our own! Perhaps this is the meaning of the words of Rabeinu Yonahhow did I exchange a passing world for one that stands forever?

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