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“And all the pegs of the chatzer (shall be made of) copper.” (27:19)

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Rashi explains that these pegs were made of copper and helped secure the curtains of the Ohel and the hangings of the Chatzer. They were tied with ropes around their bottoms, so that the wind would not lift them. At first Rashi questions the technical application of these pegs. He discusses whether they were anchored in the ground or tied and suspended, so that their sheer weight held down the bottoms of the curtains to keep them from moving in the wind.

Horav Moshe Feinstein z.l., compares the pegs and curtains to a ben Torah. A ben Torah is apt to move and be carried away by the prevailing winds of change unless he is firmly rooted in Torah. The goal of each individual should be that his level of Torah scholarship and commitment to mitzvah performance serve as a “ballast” to keep him firmly planted. Thus, he will be able to resist the winds of modernity, change and assimilation.

To reach this level, however, one must rely on the assistance of outside sources. He must participate in diligent Torah study in a makom Torah, center for Torah learning, amidst rebbeim and friends deeply committed to guiding and inspiring others in the Torah way. After he has received this foundation, he will be prepared to withstand the external pressures which overwhelm those who do not have the ability to stand firm and resist them.

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