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“All these” were the twelve tribes of Israel. And “this” was what their father said to them and he blessed them, each according to his blessing he blessed them.” (49:28)

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Yaakov was able to discern the diversity within the twelve tribes. In his blessing to his sons he reflected upon this. “All these” represented the tribes of Israel. Yaakov spoke to them of “this,” recognizing the underlying unity that existed among the tribes. When divergent opinions exist within any group, discord rules: Each member is struggling to impose his opinion on the other members. Regarding Am Yisrael, however, while each tribe and each community may have its own particular traditions, reflecting its own individual virtue, Yaakov blessed each one distinctively. Yet, as long as each remembers to ascribe to the unity of Hashem and His Torah, then each can feel a sense of harmony between man and Hashem, as well as between man and his fellow man.

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