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“Let them place My Name upon Bnei Yisrael and I shall bless them.” (6:27)

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Why does the Torah add this last phrase? Every blessing begins with Hashem: “Hashem should bless you”; “Hashem should make His face shine upon you”; “Hashem should turn His face unto you,” etc. We already know that Hashem is granting the blessing. Horav Simchah HaKohen Sheps, z.l., in his Sefer, Simchas HaTorah, explains that this last phrase is an added blessing. Even after one receives a blessing from Hashem, he must internalize the fact that the blessing comes only from Hashem. Nothing that one receives has any source other than Hashem.

This, in itself, is a profound perception. For while many people know theoretically that Hashem is the true source of all blessing, how many people really internalize this idea into their psyche? We turn to  Hashem only when we are about to lose the gift. Then we entreat Him not to take it away. When we have it, we forget that it is only through Hashem’s blessing that we are the beneficiaries of His good-will. Even after we have received Hashem’s blessings, we are enjoined to recognize, realize and remember that they are from Hashem.

This is especially true of a special gift from Hashem, one that we often take for granted. In fact, I think it is the one gift that we take most for granted: the gift of tomorrow. We make plans and arrange schedules, always taking tomorrow as a given. Does anybody ever perceive tomorrow as Hashem’s greatest gift? How often do people put things away for a special occasion only to find that the special occasion does not materialize? All too often we tend to go through life as if it were an endurance test. Life should be savored – not endured. We do not have time for our children or our friends. We push off for tomorrow what we should do today. We are always saving and putting things away for that “special moment.” Every day that one is alive is a special occasion, a moment to savor, enjoy and for which to thank Hashem. Every day – every minute – every breath – is a gift from Hashem. Just ask someone who almost lost it.

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