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“For I give him special attention because he commands his children and his household after him.” (18:19)

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Hashem expresses His affection for Avraham Avinu because of his adherence to imparting the derech Hashem, way of Hashem, to the  next  generation.  It  is  Avraham’s  ability  and  dedication to educating his progeny which distinguishes him from everyone else. Chinuch ha’banim, educating one’s children, is what differentiates a parent from a caretaker. A parent cares about his child and, consequently, oversees his educational development. A caretaker cares primarily about himself, placing his child’s education in a far second-place behind everything else.

What is the most effective method for educating one’s children? Since Avraham is the “father” of education, it would be appropriate to take note of his methods and apply them in raising our children. Horav Yitzchak Zilberstein, Shlita, notes that when Avraham conveyed Hashem’s command regarding the Akeidah to Yitzchak, he spoke only eight words: “Hineni beni…Elokim yireh lo ha’seh l’olah beni, “Here I am, my son…Hashem will show the lamb for a burnt offering, my son” (22:7-8). This is all that is recorded by the Torah of their dialogue preceding the Akeidah.

We derive from here, posits Rav Zilberstein, that a multitude of words – long, tedious conversations – are not what is necessary in order to appropriately convey the Torah way to one’s children. There is another way,  a better way, Avraham Avinu’s way – to be a proper role model: Be straight; be ethical; be moral; be truly observant. Do not communicate mixed messages. Do not say one thing and practice the opposite. In short, earn your child’s respect and set the proper standard for him to emulate. A child can observe no greater chinuch, lesson in education, than watching his father following the path of Torah without compromise.