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“Take heed for yourself that you do not forsake the Levi as long as you live upon your land.” (12:19)

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As Bnei Yisroel are about to undertake the settlement of the land, it is significant to note that the tribe of Levi will be scattered among the people. The Leviim will act as the nerves and arteries emanating from the nation’s brain and heart, with the Mishkan maintaining the spiritual link and bond between the members of the nation.

Scattered among a population engaged primarily in agricultural pursuits, cattle breeding, and other related industries, such “unproductive” members of the community as the Leviim, could easily become neglected and even despised, if the people fail to appreciate the vital and role of the  Leviim in the spiritual and moral welfare of the nation. Therefore, the Torah reiterated the admonishment against neglecting the Levi “all your days upon your soil.” From this we learn that the length of time that we are permitted to dwell upon the land actually depends upon the respect and reverence accorded to the Leviim, and their influence and dominance on our own moral and spiritual development.