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“Is corruption His? No! It is the blemish of His children.” (32:5) – “Is this the way you repay Hashem… Is he not your Father, your Master? He made and established you.” (32:6)

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One who goes astray should not be mislead into assuming that he is harming only himself. He should realize that as head of a household he serves as the pacesetter, and his actions are perceived as the prime factor in determining a specific course to follow. ,ja uk, if he thinks that his actions affect only himself, he is mistaken. “onun uhbc” the blemish carries itself over to his children, for they learn his misdeeds. Even if he sends his children to the finest school, he must augment the school’s teachings by practicing what is being taught to his children. The mind of a child is very sensitive and cannot tolerate duplicity and insincerity.

The Torah continues, ,tz uknd, ‘skv A man who expects his children to grow into G-d-fearing Jews while he continues along his more lackidaisical path, should realize that he also has a Father.  lbe lhct tuv tkv – This same love and affection and great lofty expectations which he has for his child, his Father in heaven, has for him. The whole purpose in his creation was altruistic, so that He can reward you for following His precepts. One must contemplate his obligations as a parent and the awesome responsibilities which go with this position.