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“I have listened to the voice of Hashem, I have done all that You have commanded me.” (26:14)

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There are degrees of intensity in performing Hashem’s mitzvos. One may discharge His mandate instinctively, without any forethought This individual is definitely performing the mitzvos, although he is missing the essence of the observance. The sanctity and purity which one develops by performing Mitzvos by rote is diminished, and the whole meaning of his Judaism is thereby endangered. The proper course is one where he is aware of Hashem’s Presence, constantly, vigilant, awaiting the opportunity to serve Hashem. Rabbi Mordechai Gifter Shlita explains the transgression of the rebellious son “he does not listen to the voice of his father and the voice of his mother”, in the following manner: a child should not wait for a parent to ask him to perform a certain task. The child should possess an understanding of what to do when a parent expresses a specific need, and the child should automatically act upon that need. He should not wait for his parent to request a glass of water; the mere indication of the parents thirst should cause the child to bring the water The same is true of a Jew serving Hashem. He should constantly prepared to fulfill his obligation to the Almighty.