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“He (Nimrod) was a crafty hero (hunter) before Hashem.” (10:9)

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In Tanach the phrase “before Hashem”, suggests that an activity is performed in accordance with Hashem’s will. Horav S.R. Hirsch, z.l., suggests that here, too, before Hashem – means simply in the name of Hashem. Nimrod had a quiet “pious G-d pleasing” manner, which was the culmination of his wickedness. The name “Hashem” had not yet become lost. When properly understood, the same Name implies the equality of men. It takes benevolence and love normative and applicable to all. Nimrod was the first person to distort this Name, using it to suppress and subjugate his fellow man – all in the name of Hashem. He demanded recognition of his power – all in the name of Hashem. Nimrod went so far as to claim divinity for himself. He was the prototype of ensuing dynasties, who with cunning and guile crowned themselves with the halo of holiness. He was the first to destroy the lives of others – all in the name of Hashem.