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“For with it He ceased from all His work which Hashem had created for it to continue to work.” (3:2)

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Horav Yechezkel Avramsky, z.l., explains that when Hashem created the world, He left opportunity for man to participate. He gave man the role of partner in creation by placing him in control of the revelation of nature’s hidden treasures. When man explores the knowledge which is at the source of every natural power, he gains some control over the processes. His experience “tasting” creation makes him privy to the sublime pleasure produced by the mastery of the spiritual realm over the physical world.

Over the ages, man has delved into the secrets of nature. He has sought to reveal the sources of nature’s hidden treasures in order to harness them for the benefit of mankind. Indeed, all of nature’s superficially concealed secrets are waiting for man to uncover. Every invention is a result of man’s patient and careful study of these secrets and his applying them to routine needs. As we continue to delve, we are mandated to reflect upon the wisdom of the Creator. We are obligated to pay homage to the One who ordained this world with its amazing treasures.

Indeed, man does not fulfill his obligation of “,uagk” by merely revealing the natural processes. They are but forces, without any spirit. The purpose of all the toil in developing these ideas is to enable man to recognize Divine Providence at work. If one’s “work” is only directed at alleviating some of life’s discomforts, so that his concept utilization extends only to his physical gratification, then he degrades all that he achieves. The ability to consecrate mundane labor by dedicating its fruits to Hashem is the essence of the “,uagk”, obligation.

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