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“And he saw a well in a field… and a great stone was on the mouth (top) of the well… and he rolled the stone from the top of the well.” (29:2-10)

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The Torah emphasizes Yaakov’s superhuman physical strength by relating that he was able to roll the stone off the top of the well. Rashi elaborates on this theme by stating that the Torah notes Yaakov’s physical strength. It seems peculiar that the Torah would find it necessary to stress such a mundane trait. Is Yaakov a secular hero that his physical strength must be exalted? Is one’s personality and character to be measured by his physical prowess?

Siach Mordechai answers that obviously, characterizing someone according to his physical ability is both inaccurate and inappropriate. The importance of one’s physical ability lays in the benefit derived from its use. How does one employ this unique gift which Hashem has conferred upon him? The wicked apply this G-d-given gift in order to take advantage of those who are weaker than they. Their actions contrast to those of the righteous who channel their physical capability in service of their fellow man. They are constantly dedicated to making life more pleasurable for those in need. Such an appropriate employment of one’s G-d-given physical attributes should be stressed, so that others will be inspired to emulate it.