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“And Yaakov’s anger was kindled against Lavan.” – “And Yaakov was angry and he argued with Lavan.” (31:36)

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The Chidushei HaRim notes that the traits of anger and indignation are mentioned solely in regard to Yaakov. The Torah does not apply this concept to the other two Patriarchs. He describes Yaakov as the Patriarch who excelled in the attribute of emes (truth), serving as the paradigm of “truth for truth’s sake” – the essence of truth. He was therefore the only one who appropriately exhibited anger and indignation. These are emotions which emanate from a source untainted by any form of self-serving interests. Horav Shimon Schwab Shlita explains that when the deceitful Lavan kissed his children and grandchildren (32:1), they were influenced by him. This trait was transmitted to us, and now we must constantly fight the evil inclination of sheker (falsehood). The Chazon Ish writes in one of his letters that a person does not naturally hate falsehood. Only Yaakov was unique, states the Chofetz Chaim; he was the only one not kissed by Lavan. Because Yaakov is the personification of truth, a Lavan cannot kiss him! We must always be sure that our indignation originates from a pure source. Likewise, we must respect the statements made by our Torah leaders. We should not be provoked to anger as a result of personal prejudice, vested interests, or guilty conscience.

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