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“I broke the staves of your yoke and I led you erect.” (26:13)

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The Midrash interprets the word ,uhnnue to mean “upright and erect”, without fear of any man. Horav Tzvi Hirsch Farber, z.l., defines this “posture” as relating to the Jew’s spiritual realm, rather than the physical. Unfortunately, some individuals tend to be apprehensive about public mitzvah observance. Our Jewish pride should not permit us to cast mitzvah performance by the wayside as a result of fear or ridicule.
It is self-destructive for an individual to disavow himself from his inherent belief. To deny one’s nobility and genuine religious conviction out of fear of public reaction indicates a low spiritual self-esteem and reflects an inexcusable form of moral cowardice. Although it is not necessary to call attention to ourselves by flaunting our religious observance, it is equally unnecessary to veil it out of shame. A Jew without Jewish pride divorces himself from the lifeblood of our People.

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